New to Vitamins?

While we should consciously choose a healthy diet daily, the fact is supplementing with vitamins is a sure way of filling our nutritional gaps.

Providing our body with a healthy dose of nutrients means our body has the resources to repair our body, fight off stresses of pollution and fuel our energy to enable us to live life at the pace and quality we want.

Make health and nutrition a priority by keeping up your routine every day.

New to Vitamin

New to Vitamins? Here’s what you need to know about supplementation.

If you are considering taking vitamins, you may find it confusing and not know where to start. We recommend the Daily Essentials.

So, what should I choose?

  1. Vita Lea Multivitamin: A simple way to ensure you have 28 essential vitamins and minerals that are essential for our daily well-being.
  2. B-Complex: Offers a balance of eight B-Vitamins essential for our body, especially so for the elderly and folate for women planning for a family.
  3. Vita-C Plus: Your body can’t make or store Vitamin C, so be sure to replenish vitamin that has a role in the health of your teeth, gums, bones, and just about everything.
  4. OmegaGuard: EPA and DHA are the good fats needed by every part of your body. Because your body needs it but can’t produce it, daily doses of the full spectrum of 7 pure Omega-3 fatty acids will help your body keep itself healthy.
  5. ESP: High quality plant based body is a great source of long-lasting energy. It’s what your body needs to repair and build new tissues. Easily digested it supplements your daily need for protein, especially for the elderly, the finicky eater and anyone in need of a quick snack for an energy boost.
  6. Vivix. A delicious botanical beverage contains Shaklee's own botanical blend of Muscadine Grape, European Elderberry, Japanese Knotweed and Purple Carrot. These colourful food sources are chockful of antioxidants to provide protection for better health.

Powered by Nature, Proven by Science.

We're inspired by the vision of our founder and inventor of the first multivitamin in the U.S., Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee, and his philosophy to create products In Harmony with Nature®. We are committed to providing the purest and best ingredients from nature and to applying our rigorous scientific standards to create clinically proven products—providing you Clinical Results Without Compromise™. This holistic concept of wellness has been helping millions of people Live and Look Younger Longer for over 60 years.

"Your future life will be exactly what you decide to make it."


1983 - First American ascent up Mt. Everest without supplemental oxygen, powered by Shaklee nutrition.

1987 - Longest human-powered flight 72 miles across Aegean Sea and called Daedalus project, powered by Shaklee Performance.

1993 - Shaklee develops and supplies NASA with a customized rehydration beverage for Shuttle astronauts called Astro-Ade, still used today.

The Shaklee Pure Performance Team of world-class athletes have what it takes to win. They count on Shaklee for purity and performance.


Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn

"The Landmark and Telomere studies show that the Shaklee population is remarkably healthier than the general population."

2009 Nobel Prize Winner in Medicine

Shaklee’s commitment to conducting clinical and scientific research is core to the company’s belief.

Our products are backed by more than 125 published scientific papers and presentations that show they make a difference in your health. Many of which are in peer-reviewed (other experts in the related field) scientific journals for the advancement of science, health and the planet.

Visit for the entire compendium of Shaklee-sponsored research.



Master Subramaniam

Subramaniam A/L Muniandy

Master Coordinator
Shaklee Family Member since 1996

“Of all the Shaklee products, Vita-Lea® Iron Formula is my favourite. To me, it is the most complete multivitamin with 28 vitamins and minerals. Precisely what I need as a solid foundation for my well-being as I care for my family and build my Shaklee Business.”

Master Nur Liyana

Nur Liyana Mohamed Norhisham

Master Coordinator
Shaklee Family Member since 2013

“Shaklee's Post Natal Set gave me the nourishment I needed during my confinement. I feel fantastic being able to fully breastfeed my baby.”

Master Nur Liyana

Ita Athirah Ahmad

Senior Key Coordinator
Shaklee Family Member since 2016

“My husband and I love Vivix®. We have both been taking this delicious botanical beverage consistently over the past three years and we have never felt better! Our daughter has benefited from our lifestyle change and together we are becoming healthier as a family.”

Master Nur Liyana

Ng Hooi Hooi

Senior Coordinator
Shaklee Family Member since 2008

“I have been using YOUTH skincare for two years now and I absolutely love receiving compliments about my complexion. Many say I look great at my age, often guessing that I am between five and ten years younger!”