Love Your Life

Love Your Life


We call it an opportunity. But what does that mean?
Extra money to go on that last-minute trip with your friends. Creating the dream house you’ve always wanted. Travel to places you’ve always wanted to see and experience. And not wondering where the money will come from when your son or daughter wants to go to University.

And if you want more, it can be more.
It can be a path to earning what you’re really worth.
To giving up clock-watching and spending time the way you want to.
Doing something worthwhile with your time and your talents.
To live a fulfilling life. A happy life. With friends. With family. In community. Helping create a healthier life for everyone, and a better life for anyone. Starting with you.


  • Do it on your own time...
    online, at the park or during your lunch break. Anytime. Anywhere.
  • Earn a little or a lot...
    everything from coffee money to career-level income.
  • Get rewarded when you make the extra effort...
    with car bonuses, trips and unique experiences you can’t book online.
  • Find your tribe, grow your team...
    partner with people you’d want to hang out with and build the skills that will help you motivate and lead others.


Shaklee is a gift. For our family that means having a business and career with Shaklee that complements our life, not competes with it.

What’s great about a owning Shaklee Business?
Exclusive distribution rights to high quality products.

  • Nutritional Supplements, proven by science, and a 100 year history.
  • Home Cleaners that are concentrated and Earth-friendly.
  • Clinically-proven Skin Care products for younger-looking skin.

An authentic direct selling business

  • Shaklee is low risk and costs only RM65 to get started.
  • Shaklee has over 60 years track record in the business and over 100 years of innovation in nutritional products.
  • Shaklee provides training and learning opportunities to get you started and help you grow.
  • Shaklee has a generous Compensation Plan that does not limit how much you can earn and rewards when you help others in your team succeed.
  • Your Shaklee business is yours and you decide your own hours, access it 24/7 from anywhere in the Malaysia, and even the world.
  • You can earn points to qualify for Regional and International Trips and earn more points to bring your family along.
  • Shaklee upholds ethical-selling and business behaviour and enforces our Code of Ethics.
  • Your Shaklee Business can be part of your legacy to your family, as your children can inherit your business.