Among 8,000 types of grapes in the world, Muscadine Grape is one of the biggest and rarest grapes available. Big, bold and packed with antioxidants, it caught the attention of scientists at Shaklee, who made it available for all in the form of a healthy, highly concentrated beverage.
  • Thicker Skin and Seed = Powerful Antioxidants
  • Extra Chromosome = Extra Antioxidant Power
  • Polyphenols = Your Health’s Best Friends
A Revolutionary Breakthrough from Shaklee
A Delicious Botanical Beverage
For the past 100 years, Shaklee has been ahead of its time, innovating through science and looking to nature with breakthroughs that are now just a part of our everyday lives. Its continuous innovation has led to Vivix®, a revolutionary breakthrough in health.
The Perfect Blend of Polyphenols
Besides the mighty super fruit, Muscadine Grape, it is combined with Rejuvetrol™ patent-pending blend of Japanese Knotweed Extract, Purple Carrot Extract and European Elderberry Extract to enhance the potency and to offer a broad spectrum of protection. Shaklee uses a patented extraction process to capture the power of antioxidants and polyphenols so you can live vibrantly with this delicious botanical beverage!

The Shaklee Difference
  • Scientifically advanced, proprietary blend is based on muscadine grape, one of nature’s rarest and most potent fruits, combined with Rejuvetrol™ patent-pending blend of Japanese Knotweed Extract, Purple Carrot Extract and European Elderberry Extract.
  • Boosts superior concentrations of ellagic acid and ellagitannis that when combined with other polyphenols, yield immense antioxidant power.
  • Natural – no artificial flavours, sweeteners, colours or preservatives.
  • Patented extraction process preserves bioactive polyphenols.
  • Developed from breakthrough clinical research including the Landmark Study, one of the largest clinical studies of long-term supplementation and Telomere Study.
  • Tested for more than 16,000 times for safety and quality during development.
  • Delicious botanical drink.
  • Halal-certified by Islamic Services of America (ISA) which is recognised by JAKIM.
Nature’s Gift of Health
Polyphenol is a natural substance found in fruits, berries and vegetables. It is produced as part of a plant’s defence system in response to harsh environments such as invading germ, injury, infection, ultraviolet radiation and harsh climatic conditions. It also gives fruits, berries and vegetables their vivid and diverse range of colours.

Muscadine Grape
Muscadine Grape
Super Fruit with Super Antioxidant Power
Thanks to the extreme weather conditions muscadine grapes grow in, it’s not surprising that Muscadine Grape is nicknamed as “The Mighty Muscadine Grape”. It is bigger, its skin and seed are thicker and it has an extra chromosome than ordinary grapes from your local grocer. All these unique traits enabled Muscadine Grape to have immense antioxidant properties (6 to 8 times more than a blueberry!) as well as the highest amount of ellagic acid, a type of polyphenol. These polyphenols stimulate cellular pathways, involved in antioxidant defence, longevity and survival, and energy production.
Japanese Knotweed Extract
Japanese Knotweed Extract

High antioxidant

  • Promote healthy inflammation rate.
  • Improve blood circulation.
  • Inhibit blood platelet aggregation.
Purple Carrot Extract
Purple Carrot Extract

Contains anthocyanin

  • Promote healthy vision.
  • Improve elasticity of blood vessels.
  • Reduce inflammation.
European Elderberry Extract
European Elderberry Extract

Contains anthocyanin

  • Boost immune protection.
  • Contain anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties.
  • Promote development of normal and healthy cells.
Antioxidants are substances that may protect your cells against the effects of free radicals. They are found naturally in plant-based foods which include fruits, vegetables, whole-grain products, nuts, seeds, herbs and spices.
Free radicals are molecules produced when your body breaks down food or is exposed to environmental pollutants such as tobacco smoke, stress and radiation. Free radicals may play a role in heart disease, cancer and other diseases.
The mighty muscadine thrives in extreme weather conditions in Georgia and offers immense antioxidant properties and high concentration of polyphenols. From farming to extraction and bottling, we perform careful selection and processing to ensure you only get the highest quality products.
Georgia Grown
Shaklee has commissioned Paulk Vineyards in Georgia, the largest muscadine vineyard in the world, to farm the mighty Muscadine Grape. First planted in 1970, the Paulk family grown that first vine to over 600 acres of healthy, fresh muscadines today. Come rain or shine, the greatest care and the gentlest touch have been showered on these precious muscadines, making it a sought-after grape in the industry.
Tradition Meets Innovation
Our Muscadine Grapes are whole-pressed using a patented extraction process to deliver its vibrant flavour and beneficial nutrients with maximum polyphenols. With a rich farming tradition mixed with Shaklee’s modern technology, you’ll get to enjoy the best of nature and the best of science in the form of a safe, proven and effective botanical beverage.
Dedicated to Quality
To capture the maximum polyphenols and beneficial nutrients, we have our very own Forrest C. Shaklee Innovation Center which houses the Shaklee Research and Development teams who work day and night to oversee and further perfect the process so you reap the greatest nutritional benefits from our products.
From the Vineyard with Greatest Care and Gentlest Touch
Picked by hand, our precious Muscadine Grapes have gone through a series of tender loving care by the farmers in Paulk Vineyards. Every grape is greatly cared for, selected and sorted to give you the highest concentration of beneficial nutrients.
4 Amazing Health Benefits of Polyphenols
In the last decade, there has been much interest in the potential health benefits of dietary plant polyphenols as antioxidant. To date, there are over 4,000 studies on the benefits of polyphenols showing its benefits to protect your body.
1. Cleanse and Detox
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2. Boosts Energy
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3. Glowing Skin
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4. Improve Protection
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1. Cleanse and Detox
Study showed that polyphenols may promote normal liver function.
  • Protects the liver by helping the body to regulate internal body stress, reducing redness and swelling, and alleviating cell death in the liver.1
  • Good news for people who are having fatigue and fatty liver problems or looking for a natural liver detox solution!
  • Polyphenols especially resveratrol mimics the health effects of fasting or calorie-reduction, which may help you lose weight.2
  • It stimulates the same hormone that increases in individuals practicing caloric restriction.
2. Boosts Energy
Mitochondria is your main energy producer, fulfilling more than 90% of your body’s energy needs. Polyphenols also help to enhance your exercise performance.
  • Studies have shown that polyphenols help to speed up the production of mitochondria in our bodies.
  • Boosting mitochondria levels helps enhance body energy and reduce fatigue.
  • In one study, one of the most powerful polyphenols – resveratrol, not only boosted how efficiently rats ran on a treadmill by 21 percent, but it also helped their bodies break down fat and strengthened skeletal muscle,3 enhancing exercise performance.
  • Resveratrol appears to improve muscle mass and muscle regeneration in older adults, especially when used alongside exercise.4
3. Glowing Skin
Recent clinical studies suggest that polyphenols may have the potential in protecting your skin against ultraviolet radiation (UV) damage and free radicals attack that lead to skin ageing4 to attain supple and radiant skin.
  • Boosts collagen production5 for taut skin.
  • Smoothens fine lines and wrinkles5 for younger-looking skin.
4. Improve Protection
Multiple research studies have demonstrated the functions of polyphenols in the prevention of abnormal cell growth.6,7,8,9 Researchers believe that the antioxidant function of polyphenols help:
  • Protect DNA from damage, which could trigger abnormal cell growth.
  • Support DNA replication for healthier cell functions.
  • Reduce inflammation by optimising the immune system.
  • Boost antioxidant levels in the body.
  • Reduce biological stress in the body.
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A: A delicious botanical beverage contains Shaklee's own botanical blend of Muscadine Grape Extract, European Elderberry Extract, Japanese Knotweed Extract and Purple Carrot Extract.
A: Our scientifically advanced, proprietary blend is based on muscadine grape – one of nature’s rarest, most potent fruits. Muscadine grapes contain the full complement of polyphenols found in other grapes. Unlike other grapes, muscadine boasts superior concentrations of ellagic acid and ellagitannins that, when combined with other polyphenols, yield immense antioxidant power.

At Shaklee, we harness this muscadine grape power in every bottle of Vivix® using a patented extraction process that concentrates and preserves bioactive polyphenols.
A: Muscadine grapes are one of nature’s rarest, most potent grapes, with a unique polyphenol profile that offers a number of health benefits. Unlike other grapes, muscadine grapes boast superior concentrations of ellagitannins and ellagic acid that, when combined with other muscadine grape polyphenols, yield immense antioxidant power.

Muscadine grapes also thrive in harsh environments; their unique phenolic profile provides extra protection against bacteria, fungus, yeast, drought, excess moisture, and temperature extremes while other grapes are much more fragile in these environments.
A: The term polyphenols is used to describe a group of naturally occurring compounds found largely in fruits, berries and vegetables that have antioxidant benefits and potential protective effects against cellular ageing. In fact, emerging research suggests that polyphenols may elicit multiple biological effects consistent with sustained and improved human health.*

* This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
A: Vivix® is designed for any adult concerned with healthy ageing and well-being. Vivix® is not recommended for pregnant or lactating women or anyone younger than 18 years old.
A: Take Vivix® daily, preferably with a meal such as breakfast or lunch. Shake well before taking the recommended serving of one teaspoon per day.
A: According to the latest research, there does not appear to be any added benefit from taking more than the recommended serving of one teaspoon per day.
A: Vivix® can be taken alongside all Shaklee supplements. Ideally, Vivix® would be taken with Shaklee Vita-Lea® Iron Plus, ESP Soy Protein Isolate Powder, Sustained Release Vita-C Plus, B-Complex and OmegaGuardTM to complement your daily nutritional needs. Consumption of all these essential nutrients, together with the polyphenols in Vivix®, deliver broad-spectrum nutritional support to your body and provide the foundation for a longer, healthier life.*

* This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
A: There are no known interactions between Vivix® or any of its ingredients and any other dietary supplements. As a precaution, we recommend that people who are under the care of a physician for a medical condition or disease or who are taking prescription medication, especially blood thinning medication discuss the use of Vivix® with their health care professional.
A: Vivix® does not contain alcohol.
A: Yes. Vivix® is certified Halal by the Islamic Services of America (ISA), the recognized foreign halal certification bodies and authorities by Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM).
A: No. The product is classified as food and falls under the purview of Malaysia Food Safety and Quality Department (FSQD).
A: Refrigeration after opening will help to maintain optimal freshness, colour and maximum active ingredients in the product.