We believe everyone has the right to thrive.

To live a life of energy, meaning, and purpose. Thriving begins with good health. Today, health care is really focused on sick care. It should be the reverse. So together, we're on a mission to change health care into well care. Well care is a transformational approach to enhance your wellbeing.

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Our products make a difference in millions of people’s lives, from world class Shaklee Pure Performance Team athletes to NASA astronauts. And they are proven by people just like you and me.

Masters Norita Mohd Idris & Muhammad Naquib's Shaklee Effect
Masters Daniel Loo & Alice Koh's Shaklee Effect
Master Siti Nurazlina's Shaklee Effect
Master Firdhaus - Shaklee Detox Program Testimonial



The Landmark Study, led by an acclaimed nutrition researcher, Dr. Gladys Block with the University of California, Berkeley, is one of the largest studies of long-term users of multiple supplements. The study showed that people who used Shaklee supplements had much healthier biomarkers for heart, brain, and cognitive health compared to non-supplement or non-Shaklee product single-supplement users.

The study showed that people who used Shaklee supplements had better biomarkers of key health indicators compared to non-supplement users.

The results are stunning!
The clinical study required the participants to have their blood drawn to check the key health biomarkers. The study showed that long-term Shaklee multiple supplement users had shown improvements in their overall health.



Building on Dr. Forrest Shaklee’s legacy of innovation and science, his philosophy of Living in Harmony with Nature® is at the heart of everything we do.



  • 350 tests against harmful contaminants
  • 100,000+ quality control tests a year
  • 3x the pesticide tests required



  • 100+ published scientific papers
  • 100+ patents
  • Landmark Health Study



Shaklee-powered athletes have won 137 gold, silver, and bronze medals at the games.