Stay Energetic

With the right combination of nutrients, you will experience more energy to do what you love. Start with ZINC and COENZYME Q10, essential antioxidants which act as energy boosters to fuel your day, every day!

Convert Food into Energy

Your body requires both zinc and coenzyme Q10 for optimum conversion of food to energy.

ZINC helps to convert carbohydrates, fat and lipids into energy. It ensures your body properly burns the food you eat to avoid disruption of energy production which could lead to fatigue.

COQ10 supports the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which stores and delivers energy so you get a steady energy supply to do the things you love.

Support Optimum Energy Production

At the cellular level, you need glucose in your cells for energy production.

ZINC supports the production, storage and secretion of insulin, a substance which plays an important role in the absorption of glucose into your cells for optimum energy production.

COQ10 acts as an energy generator by providing your body a consistent energy supply throughout the day.

Speed up Muscle Building Process

Enhanced muscle strength for a healthier body!

ZINC stabilises protein structure in muscles and regulates hormone levels for healthier muscle development and maintenance.

CoQ10 helps in reducing muscle injuries related to exercise and trainings.1 It also improves performance and reduces muscle fatigue2 for stronger and greater physical performance.


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