Qualification Period: From April 2022 to March 2023

Terms & Conditions

  • Incentive Trip Qualifiers must qualify based on Conference Points and minimum Effective Rank.
  • Qualifiers must be Effective Minimum at COORDINATOR Rank in order to be invited for Shaklee Incentive Trip.
  • COORDINATOR Rank can be achieved in any months throughout the Fiscal Year. Once you are Effective at Coordinator Rank, you must continue to be Effective minimum at Coordinator Rank throughout the year.
  • Shaklee Incentive Trips are exclusively accorded to Business Leaders who fulfil the Effective Rank and Conference Points requirements in good standing with the Company as defined in the Shaklee P & R.
Conference Tickets 1st Spouse Pts 3rd Pts 4th Pts 5th Pts
Target (Regional) 570 480 1050 570 1620 570 2190 570 2760
Target (International) 1,150 970 2,120 1,150 3,270 1,150 4,420 1,150 5,570
*Spouse and Children aged 4-17 years old: To qualify 85% of your points requirement.


3S • Build Sales Volume
• Recruit New SIDs
Every 300UV
Grow Personal and Group Sales to Earn More Points (Excluding volumes from new recruits of 200UV)
For every 200UV purchase per new SID who joins you. (Excluding new break out)
Travel the World with Shaklee, your Team and your Family!
+1 Point +1 Point
Build People • Be Consistent
• Grow New Business Leaders
• Develop your Leadership
New Business Leader
Grow new Supervisors. Build a stronger organisation.
New Coordinator
As your Leaders move up, your organisation grows stronger.
(Downline effective at appointed rank for the next 3 months)
Be Effective, Move UP
Receive Points for being effective at your rank. Get more when you move up.
Consistency Pays
Hold Effective Rank for 4 consecutive months, for Coordinators and above.
+ 20 Points + 80 Points + 15-280 Points + 10% Rank Points