Getting Started

You have the Privilege and Opportunity to Promote a Better Way of Life by Sharing the Shaklee Opportunity with others.

Getting Started in a new business requires not only some initiative and momentum, but a positive attitude and a desire for a better tomorrow.

You have our commitment to do everything we can to help you make this your greatest success ever!

Remember these principles as you build your business:
  • Keep it simple.
  • Knowledge will come from experience.
  • Our products are of the highest quality and are in demand.
  • Our business model has proven success.
  • Our industry is exploding.
  • Many support tools are available to you.
  • Be coachable.
  • Have fun!

You will find in Shaklee that you are in business for yourself, but not by yourself. The company, your Sponsor and Business Leaders will provide you guidance and support to help you get there. But, it is your business, and how small or big you choose to build it, is in your hands.

What does it mean to be a Shaklee Independent Distributor?

As one of our Shaklee Independent Distributors you have EXCLUSIVE distribution rights to share Shaklee products and the opportunity globally. The only way the people you know and meet can purchase Shaklee products and start a Shaklee business is through YOU as a Shaklee Independent Distributor!

How does a Shaklee business work?

The Shaklee business model is about building community and being rewarded for it. In 1956, Dr. Shaklee, pioneered a revolutionary model of sharing Shaklee and spreading the message of health, which we call Social Marketing™. It means you will:

USE. It’s only when you personally experience the power of Shaklee products that you fully understand the unlimited potential of the Shaklee business. Become your own best testimonial.

SHARE. Why have you decided to be a part of Shaklee? Has Shaklee changed your life in some way? Your prospects need to know what attracted you to Shaklee and how it has enhanced your life, so be ready to share! Presenting Shaklee and your experience is the most important thing you can do to grow your business.

BUILD. SPONSOR your preferred customers or as partners in your business and GROW your business by teaching others on your team to share and sponsor, as well.

What makes the Social Marketing™ model work?

We call it “The Power of Duplication.” Just like we trust the recommendations of friends for great movies and restaurants, the same holds true for sharing Shaklee.

When you sponsor new product users and business partners, based on trust in your recommendation and their experience, they talk to other people about Shaklee and your team starts to grow.

You, in turn, help them learn how to share Shaklee with those they know and meet, and how to develop a team. Then, as their team grows…so does yours!

The more people share, sponsor, and grow, the more successful everyone becomes.

There are three ways someone can associate with Shaklee:


They simply purchase products from you directly at the suggested retail price.


They are preferred customers or interested business partners whom you sponsor on your team and who then can purchase products at a Distributor price.


They are Distributors in your business who also want to earn an income from Shaklee, and by sharing and sponsoring to build their own teams, earn leadership bonuses for their effort.