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Message From President

Build Your Wealth Today
The whirlwinds of change will continue to rock the foundations of our security as we step into 2011 in the midst of a worldwide economic storm. Yet, change is what we need at this critical period of time, as we have before us a responsibility of the most challenging kind - to create wealth and wellness to the people around us.

The Shaklee Opportunity is the door to your personal wellness and financial stability in these challenging times. It is time-tested, having brought success to thousands around the world through every difficult economic situation for the past 50 years.

This amazing business opportunity can be your beacon of light today, as many are now seeking to do a business that is risk-free, requires only a small capital startup but has the potential of big financial gains.

What’s wonderful about the Shaklee Opportunity is that you build your health at the same time you grow your wealth and making new friends and forging long-lasting partnership every single day, until you hit the goldmine of financial independence.

We cannot walk alone. And as you walk, you must make the pledge to join hands with your family, friends, neighbors and people at the marketplace to totally change the landscape of life – from one of mere existence and mediocrity - to one of excellence and fruitfulness. The Shaklee Opportunity empowers you to do just that.

We have awesome products to build your health, and a proven marketing system to build your wealth. And we invite you to join us today by getting in touch with us, or any of our independent entrepreneurs.




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Message From President
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