Be Active

It’s time to enjoy your golden years by continuing to do what you love! Fuel your body with the right nutrients, ZINC and COENZYME Q10, vital antioxidants which act as energy boosters to maintain your energy, strength and wellness all day long!

Maintain Muscle Mass and Strength

Insufficient intake of muscle-friendly nutrients from daily diet could lead to muscle degeneration, leading to muscle weakness in your later life.

ZINC helps to delay muscle degeneration process and reserves muscle mass, leading to higher amount of total body energy level1 as one of the storages for energy is in the muscles.

COQ10 helps to increase muscle strength so you feel more energetic to do what you do every day!

Boost Energy Production

Your body requires both zinc and coenzyme Q10 for optimum conversion of food to energy.

ZINC ensures your body properly burns the food you eat to reap the optimum energy production. A deficiency in this nutrient causes reduced energy levels, sluggishness and in the long run, leads to chronic fatigue.

COQ10 promotes energy production to power up your body in a more efficient manner to promote healthy blood circulation so you can walk faster and run further.

Promote Better Sleep

Getting good sleep helps your body to heal and recharge. As the number of candles on your birthay cake grows, you might notice that you wake up earlier, get fewer hours of shut-eye, or fall asleep during the day.

ZINC helps to promote and regulate a healthy sleeping pattern, promoting a better sleep for a fresher and more active you, every day!1


  1. Cherasse, Y., & Urade, Y. (2017). Dietary Zinc Acts as a Sleep Modulator. International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 18(11), 2334.