Men's Vital Health


Men are often portrayed as superheroes and role models. They juggle many priorities in life and are expected to lead and perform well in all that they do. Oftentimes, you may find that your focus on life’s pursuits have left you little time to care for your own health.

As our bodies change over time, our health needs change too - so men, whether you are approaching your 20s or entering your 40s, being aware of these changes and the right nutrition to keep your body and mind performance at their peak.
The time is NOW!

Step up to better health. Bring out your best!

What you’ll notice What you’ll need
Metabolism is at its highest. Protein
Helps to develop and maintain muscle mass.

Omega 3
Supports protein synthesis inmuscle.
Optimal energy needed. B-Complex
Speeds up the conversion of carbohydrate into energy.
Hard to achieve a balanced diet. Multivitamins
Fill in your nutritional gaps.
Busy lifestyle makes you sick easily. Vitamin C
Boosts your immunity.
Testosterone hormones hit its peak. Vitamin E
Maintains healthy hormone level, increasing male’s testosterone level.1

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What you’ll notice What you’ll need
Excess weight due to slow metabolism. Protein
For a healthy body weight maintenance.

Supports body metabolism.
Stressful lifestyle. B-Complex
Helps in alleviating stress and improving mood.
Constant exposure to pollution. Vitamin C
Neutralizes free radicals, boost immunity.
Higher risk of heart-related issues. Omega-3
Reduces risk of heart disease2 by Lowering ‘Bad’ Cholesterol (LDL Cholesterol) & triglycerides level.
Plan to start a family. Vitamin E & Selenium
Boosts men’s fertility rate.3.4
You want more energy, energy and energy! Polyphenols
Recharges body cells for peak performance.

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What you’ll notice What you’ll need
Difficulty in maintaining ideal body weight even when you are physically active. Protein
For a healthy body weight maintenance.

Supports body metabolism.
Low concentration affecting your work productivity. B-Complex
Enhances memory and supports healthy cognitive performance.5
Signs of aging is showing. Vitamin C
Healthy aging & boost immunity.
Start to experience joint discomfort. Omega-3
Promotes joint health, increase mobility.
Frequent urination & sensation of incomplete emptying. Vitamin E & Selenium
Optimizes male’s hormone and health.6
High risk of osteoporosis. Calcium
For a stronger bone, muscle and healthy joints.
You want to live an energetic and active life! Polyphenols
Recharges body cells for peak performance.

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