Compensation Plan

How You Can Make Money In Shaklee

As a Shaklee distributor, you will have an opportunity to get SIX types of rewards.

1. Price Differential

This is the retail profit that you make on product sales. You buy the product at Distributor Price (DP) and you sell it at the Suggested Retail Price (SRP) and you make the difference. (Retail profit = SRP – DP)

2. Personal Group Bonuses

When you and all the people in your Personal Group, generate a certain volume of product sales each month, you earn a monthly bonus on the sale of these products. The amount depends on the volume accumulated for the month, based on Shaklee Personal Group Bonus Schedule.

3. Leadership Bonuses

Once you reach the level of Senior Supervisor by developing other Supervisors in your organization, you earn a monthly bonus on the volume of each Business Leader up to six levels under you, depending on your rank. This is for the effort you will need to put in for supporting and developing your group.

4. Infinity Bonuses

Infinity Bonuses are earned monthly up to 1.5% on the Group Point Value (GPV) of everyone in your organization to infinity, based on your rank and the rank of your Leaders - beginning with the rank of Coordinator.

5. Gold Ambassador Program

As a Shaklee Distributor, you will have the privilege of expanding your business beyond the shores of Malaysia into other parts of the world where Shaklee is present.

6. Annual Incentives & Recognition Programs

Incentive Trip Program
Earn Conference Points which will allow you and your family members to travel to fabulous destinations locally and around the globe as well as get recognition and cash rewards for your achievements throughout the year.

Be recognized and rewarded for your achievements on an annual basis.

Car Subsidy Program
Become a Supervisor, and you will have the opportunity to earn monthly carbonuses. Leaders who qualify for this program can apply this cash award toward their dream car as needed.

Annual Incentives & Recognition Programs

Car Subsidy Program
  • When YOU become a Business Leader (rank of Supervisor and above), YOU will have the privilege of participating in the Car Subsidy Program.
  • Participants on this program will need to first meet a Pre-Requisite Unit Volume requirements after which he/she can draw monthly cash bonuses upon the satisfaction of the monthly Unit Value requirement.
Incentive Trip Program
  • As a Business Leader (rank of Supervisor and above), YOU will be able to accumulate Conference Points on a month to month basis. The total points collected within the financial year (April to March) will allow you and your family members to travel to fabulous destinations organized by Shaklee, locally and around the globe.
  • Business Leader (rank of Supervisor and above), will be recognized on an annual basis for their achievements.

Qualification requirements and rewards are published by Shaklee Malaysia from time-to-time. The Annual Incentives and Recognitions are privileges and not rights. Shaklee Malaysia reserves the right to determine whether a Distributor has satisfied the qualification requirements.