Responsible selling and ethical behavior by all Distributors help create a conducive business environment where everyone has equal opportunity to build a profitable and long-lasting business.


The Shaklee Code of Conduct

Shaklee Distributors and Business Leaders play an important role to partner with the company to work towards educating their group about ethical best practices and make Shaklee the best business.

1. Person-to-person Selling

Shaklee Distributors are NOT allowed to advertise, promote and resell Shaklee products via any E-commerce sites, display products in shops and distribute flyers or brochures. Mass selling methods may unintentionally reach Distributors of other groups and result in you being in violation of cross group selling. It is also in violation of the approved direct selling channel for distribution of Shaklee products.

2. Sell at recommended price only

Shaklee Distributors are NOT allowed to sell to customers at Distributor price. Your customers can sign-up as a Distributor to enjoy Distributor price. Price undercutting by selling below the prices recommended above is viewed as a serious violation of Shaklee rules and will be dealt with sternly.

3. Use Shaklee produced materials

Shaklee Distributors are NOT allowed to exaggerate or make improper claims about Shaklee products or the business. Adhere to what is published in Shaklee Malaysia brochures, catalogues and website, avoid being non-compliant to the Malaysian regulatory laws and Shaklee P&R.

4. Buy only what you can sell

You are not required to purchase product inventory beyond what you can sell or keep as standby stocks. Shaklee will take stern action against Business Leaders found to be encouraging their Distributors to purchase large amounts of inventory. Should a Distributor be found guilty of unloading the inventory by price undercutting, not limited to selling to Distributors of other organizations or mass advertising, Shaklee will take corrective action on the individuals involved.

5. Build your business with Integrity

It is important that you protect your good name and reputation at all times. Exaggeration of your income or making over claims about products can erode your credibility with your team and customers, and with Shaklee.

You may only conduct a Distributorship that is in your name. If you are married, your spouse must be included with you, and may not operate in a separate Distributorship. Operating a Distributorship that is not in your name is a serious violation of Shaklee P & R.

6. Respect your group’s sales

Purchase products under your own account and the volume will be counted towards your bonus and your group’s bonus. You may also have your upline Sponsor assist in helping you with purchases. But do not purchase from other Distributors.

7. Honor your organization and genealogy

Honor your Sponsor who first introduced you to Shaklee, as well as the organization that supports and trains you. Stay in your group and prosper together.

8. Honor other Distributors and their organizations

It is important to maintain mutual respect amongst different teams and groups in Shaklee. And, this includes respecting their genealogy and not asking Distributors from other groups to join your group. Always check if your prospect is a current Distributor before signing them up to avoid challenges in your group.

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