Vitality Booster


Your stamina level determines your performance and productivity throughout the day. It is the key that preserves your strength and energy as you grow older.

Regardless of your age right now, one thing is for sure-You can recharge your stamina & get into high-gear with POLYPHENOLS.


Group of compounds made by plants and fruits. Polyphenols give them colors while protecting them from diseases and infections. They are:
• Powerful antioxidants.
• Great in improving cells’ energy and health.

Where can I find POLYPHENOLS?

Berries, cherries, pomegranate, apples, nuts and green tea are rich sources of POLYPHENOLS.

This unique blend gives you 16 types of Polyphenols to boost your stamina.

Muscadine Grape
Polygonum Cuspidatum
Purple Carrot
European Elderberries

How do POLYPHENOLS improve my stamina?

A consistent consumption of Polyphenols helps to:

Increase Cell Energy

Polyphenols increase the production of mitochondria1 - the ‘dynamo’ in your body cells.

More ‘dynamo’energy means high stamina for better performance and productivity.

Recharge and Renew Cells.2

Stimulate cell performance for renewed energy and vigor.

What are the health benefits of POLYPHENOLS?

Increased Energy Levels
Stronger Joints
Strengthened Immunity
Mental Sharpness
Improved Reproductive Health

Recharge your stamina with Polyphenol-rich foods, or simply add on a healthy plant-based supplement containing a broad spectrum of well-researched Polyphenols.