Did You Know

“Haze” (polluted air) increases the chances that a Malaysian will suffer from asthma, upper respiratory infections, decreased lung function, as well as eye and skin irritation.


There are many toxins in our environment, from those that are naturally occurring to chemicals and artificial ingredients; just look at the air you breathe, the water you drink, the devices and utensils you use regularly, and the places where you spend time and you’re likely to notice something that is not natural or healthy.

These toxins, and others you are completely unaware of, find a home in our bodies and can change the way they function – for the worst! Pollutants and their effects have been linked to various medical problems as well as an increased risk of a variety of diseases.

These are five major toxin sources to consider

Processed foods, preservatives, artificial food additives and colouring, and pesticides are regularly-occurring in our diets and expose us to chemicals and toxins.
Regularly occurring air pollution as well as the seasonal spike in pollution in the air, or “haze,” increases the chances that a Malaysian will suffer from asthma, upper respiratory infections, decreased lung function, as well as eye and skin irritation.
Acid rain, run off from soil pollution, and humans’ large scale waste disposal contaminate our water. Regular tap water may contain harmful chemical contaminants and heavy metals that have detrimental health effects.
Every day our bodies are producing toxins as well. As a body goes about its day it works to: create energy for daily movement or exercise, digest food, metabolize hormones, eliminate external toxins, and more. This stress and work causes the body to create it own set of toxins, which can build up.
Some toxins we even choose! Cigarettes, excessive alcohol, and a poor diet are just some of the bad choices we make that compound the toxic burden we already carry.


Although in its natural, healthy state, the body is detoxifying at all times, all the exposure to toxins, like those listed, places a heavy burden on the body’s capacity to cleanse itself.

The body is equipped with organs to help itself detox; these organs include the liver, intestines (including the colon), kidneys, the bladder, lungs, lymph system, and sweat glands. These organs work to cleanse the body of, or process, toxins to keep you healthy. Even your skin releases toxic elements via your sweat glands.

YOUR LUNGS - remove various gases, such as carbon dioxide, from the bloodstream.

YOUR LYMPH SYSTEM - (a network of tissues and organs throughout the body) operates as the body’s primary waste remover eliminating debris, pathogens, dead blood cells, and other toxins and waste from the body.

YOUR KIDNEYS - remove waste and water from your blood to form urine which is eliminated from the body via the the bladder.

YOUR DIGESTIVE SYSTEM - (which includes your liver and intestines) plays a major role in detoxing your body: the liver neutralizes pollutants that can trigger a range of health conditions while the intestines shuttle waste out of your body with each bowel movement.


So if your body cleanses itself, why worry about detox? The good news is that with a little nutritional support, the power of these bodily systems and organs gets stronger, and you can regain your energy and vitality, improve mental acuity and feel more focused, and lose the excessive pounds to look good and feel light, fresh and healthier!

A great comparison is to think of your body like a car. A car needs fuel to run but even the nicest and most wellmaintained car suffers wear and tear over time; for optimum performance the car needs regular servicing and cleaning such as oil changes and tire rotation. Our bodies need that too. Without extra help, your body might be overwhelmed by toxins and your overall health and vitality will be compromised. The longer the toxins stay in our body, the more likely they will damage your organs and adversely impact your bodily functions. Detoxification is the means by which we can reduce the toxic load on our bodies and optimize the performance of our body’s own detox organs.

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